Drinking tea could beat dementia

In 2025 There Will Be Over 7,000,000 Cases of Alzheimer’s! Becoming a common disease in Japan.

If you were to develop Alzheimer’s disease, what would you do?
What about if your parents developed the disease?

This is a worry everyone thinks about as they age.

Alzheimer’s is rare before 65 with a rate of 1.5%, but this rises to 30% before age 80 (that’s one in every five people!), and in the aging society of Japan, it’s increasingly common.
As Japan’s society ages, the number of patients is rapidly rising as well. Treatment is difficult, and many patients still have healthy bodies, which can make nursing difficult, and even lead to nursing burnout.

In the area where I live, the average age is rapidly rising, and this problem just can’t be ignored.
For example, in the next 10 years, if 30% of those in their 70s develop Alzheimer’s, this will be an incredibly large societal burden on the town.

This is where some good news comes in, with the news that “Rokucha can lower the rates of Alzheimer’s disease”

Just drinking 2 cups of green tea a day lowers the rate of Alzheimer’s disease by 54%.

The catechin in Rokucha was already known to help protect the cells of the nerves, and help to regenerate them, and it also helps to prevent Alzheimer’s.

This new research was based on actual human subjects, and an analysis of the results showed that drinking two cups of Rokucha a day lowered the risk of Alzheimer’s by 54%.

The study was conducted as follows.

A total of 1,003 people over 70 years old were split into three groups based on their preference for Rokucha, back tea / oolong tea, or coffee.

For the more detailed results you can refer to the graph below, but the more Rokucha participants drunk, the lower their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease is. On the other hand, no such link was found for those drinking black tea, oolong tea, or coffee, and those who drink coffee actually had increased rates of developing the disease.

It’s Easy to Drink 2 Cups a Day!

From this study it can be said that it’s best to develop a habit of drinking at least 2 cups a day.
All you have to do is switch from drinking coffee, or black tea, or water, and drink Rokucha instead. After all, Rokucha is better than black tea which is better than coffee anyways! (sorry for having a tea seller’s opinion)

I recommend having green tea in the morning. If you drink one cup when you wake up, and then another before you leave the house, you’ll have gotten your two cups for the day.

If you, the reader are still young and healthy, how about starting this for your grandfather, your grandmother, or your parents?
I’m sure they would be happy to receive tea from you. They would also be happy that you were so concerned for their health.

Tea can be a relatively inexpensive expression of filial piety.

How to Bring Tea to Your Everyday Life

Personally, when I’ll be working at a desk, or heading out for the day, I place a Sencha teabag in my travel mug, and I keep adding hot water to it as I drink.
If I get sick of the taste, I’ll put in some Matcha and shake it before drinking, or switch over to Genmaicha, to conitue (casually) drinking tea.

When you’re working with tea and you drink tea all the time, coffee seems less appealing as well.

I do plan on continuing to talk about ways you can bring tea into your everyday life as well.
I hope I can bring happiness to you all through tea.

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